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Freddy Silva, CPT, USA Boxing licensed

Before coming to the Rock Steady Boxing program, Freddy trained under and is still the assistant trainer for former contender and world ranked professional boxer, Eddie Croft. Freddy also credits professional Muay Thai fighter, Paul “Spooner” Brown for schooling him in Pad work and mitt work.  “I am lucky enough to have been mentored by one of the best trainers (Eddie Croft) in the state.”


Freddy is proud to be a trainer at B St. Boxing for the past 7 years and The Park Gym the past 3. He is licensed as a professional second, a licensed USA Boxing coach as well as a certified personal trainer. Freddy has been WBO flyweight champion, Melissa McMorrow’s, strength and conditioning coach for the past 5 years as well as the assistant coach to rising star Ricardo Pinell and Evgeny Shvedenko .


Besides his role as a coach and trainer, Freddy is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor. He worked as a youth counselor at the San Mateo County Juvenile Hall as well as Asian American Recovery Services (AARS). “Being from the area (Bay Area) as a Latino male from a single parent home, I feel it’s my duty to try and give back if I can.” I have been lucky enough to come out of a pretty dark place and give back to my community. Rock Steady has been another way for me continue that way of life. This community has given a lot to me, it’s time to give back.”

Freddy has not done this alone, he has been married to his supportive, and very patient wife Gina since September of 2014 and has 2 young step children.


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